Picky Bits

Picky Bits is an Epsom based catering company by me; Danielle Webber.

I began my journey into working with food back in 2015 after a trip to Australia led me to discover raw cake (but that’s a whole other story!)

I moved my vegan cake business into a commercial kitchen inside a social club, & in return for using their space I was required to do the ‘in house’ catering. With no kitchen experience or catering qualifications, winging it was the only option…. & that I certainly did! 

Before long I was churning out buffets for funerals & birthday parties, & once friends & family caught wind, I was laying out spreads for private events. PICKY BITS was born. 

I’ve always loved getting together with friends, opening a bottle of wine & grazing on some bits & bobs to share. So now I create platters, boxes & the ‘buffest’ of buffets so that you can enjoy yours. 

What can I say; I’m a FEEDER

Here I am in my van about to deliver free meals to the NHS staff at Epsom Hospital in the thick of the first lockdown in April 2020. When the virus hit & all my event work was cancelled, I adapted our offering almost immediately to suit the situation, delivering grazing boxes (and roast dinners!) all around the area. They were an overnight success & we were creating hundreds per week, most of which are still available on the web shop today. 

This little business has gone from strength to strength & continues to grow thanks to YOU, my lovely loyal customers. Of course I couldn’t do any of it without my wonderful team; Jasmin, Anna, Leanne & Mia to name a few. 



We create the buffest of buffets, grazing tables, boxes, platters & provide power lunches for your corporate lunches and office meetings.


Picky Bits is an independent and professional catering company with a food hygiene rating of 5.  

A registered business with Epsom & Ewell Borough Council, with Level 2 Food Hygiene training and public liability up to £10’000. We practise the highest level of cleanliness and food safety methods. We are a member of NCASS.